Contact Us

Phone: (602) 541-2465

Dispatch Department for Used Oil and all Used Oil Products please contact:
Craig Hollenbeck at 602.541.2465

Dispatch Department for all Burner Fuel Orders and all Fuel Orders please contact:
Cris Chirumbolo at 602.819.6329

1. Cris Chirumbolo-  Owner- Manages burner fuel sales and fuel dispatching and manages daily operations.
    Cell- 602.819.6329

2. Michael Chirumbolo-  Owner- Manages all plant operations, environmental compliance, bulk oil purchases and manages daily operations.

3. Joe Tiernan-  Vice President Dispatch. Joe dispatches for all of the used oil products that we collect.
    Cell- 602.503.8402

4. Craig Hollenbeck-  Vice President Used Oil Division. Craig manages all used oil products sales and services.
    Cell- 602.541.2465

5. Larry Garrison-  Vice President Water Department. Larry manages all water sales and services and routing.
    Cell- 480.209.2093

5. Keenan McClellan-  Vice President Operations. Keenan manages collection drivers and routing.
    Cell- 602.463.0902

*Please contact for the services below:
Reprocessed On Specification Fuel Oils, bulk used oil purchases and sales, used diesel fuels, used gasoline and used jet fuels