Reprocessed On Specification Fuel Oils- SRC Oil & Fuel specializes in supplying Reprocessed On Specification Fuel Oils to asphalt paving companies for energy recovery, and we also sell our Reprocessed On Specification Fuel Oils to re refineries that manufacture new lube oils. SRC Oil & Fuel owns and operates company owned EPA approved facilities, and we have extensive processing technologies at our facilities that ensure that our fuel is the best in the industry. We provide all of our fuel customers with a high BTU value fuel that is extremely low in water content, and our fuel has no debris in the fuel because we filter and process our incoming used oil feedstock thoroughly. Once the used oil has been reprocessed into our Reprocessed On Specification Fuel Oil, we send a sample of the fuel to an EPA approved lab to have the lab verify that our fuel meets or exceeds all federal, state and local regulatory requirements for On Specification Fuel Oil. When the Reprocessed On Specification Fuel Oil is delivered to our customers, we provide our customers with the EPA approved lab analysis showing them that their fuel meets all regulatory requirements. Bottom line, SRC Oil & Fuel's Reprocessed On Specification Fuel Oils have a higher BTU value per gallon than diesel fuels and other fuels, such as natural gas and propane. SRC Oil & Fuel produces a consistent, high BTU value fuel for competitive prices, and our fuel enhances the productivity for our customers and our fuel eliminates downtime for our customers. Additionally, our fuel deliveries are based on our customer needs and delivered on short notice, so our fuel customers never need to worry about their fuel deliveries.

Used Petroleum Products Services
  • - Used oil collection and recycling
  • - Used diesel fuels collection and recycling
  • - Used jet fuels collection and recycling
  • - Used gasoline collection and recycling
  • - Used oil filter collection and recycling
  • - Used antifreeze collection and recycling
  • - New antifreeze sales- We supply all grades of new antifreeze
  • - Used oil grease collection and recycling
  • - Used oil absorbents collection and recycling
  • - Used oily rags collection and recycling
  • - Petroleum contaminated soils collected and recycled
  • - Parts washers sales for all parts washer needs
  • - Industrial paint waste collection and disposal
  • ...We do it all

    Wastewater Division Services
  • -Tank triple rising and cleaning and this includes both ASTs and USTs. This includes fuels, oils and various   other products
  • -The cleaning of sumps, separators, clarifiers and wash racks
  • -Oily water removal from machine shops, including Jet-Washer product removal
  • -Tanker Truck wash outs and rinse outs
  • -Secondary containment wash out and product removal
  • -Pressure washing and cleaning. SRC Oil & Fuel has a trailer mounted unit that produces 3500 psi and has hot and cold water

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