SRC Oil & Fuel also has a wastewater division and we provide the following services:

    * Tank triple rising and cleaning and this includes both ASTs and USTs. This includes fuels, oils and various other products
    * The cleaning of sumps, separators, clarifiers and wash racks.
    * Oily water removal from machine shops, including Jet-Washer product removal.
    * Tanker Truck wash outs and rinse outs.
    * Secondary containment wash out and product removal.
    * Pressure washing and cleaning. SRC Oil & Fuel has a trailer mounted unit that produces 3500 psi and has hot and cold water.
    * These services are provided in Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas and Utah.
For quotes and scheduling, please contact Larry Garrison. Mr. Garrison is the vice president of the water department and he can be reached at 480.209.2093, or you can email Larry at